What to do in Holbox?

What to do in Holbox?

1.-Relax in a hammock on the beach. Yes, the hammocks hanging on sticks in the sea are one of the most famous images on the island. You can already imagine that with the Instagram boom they have become a magnet for travelers: hammock that you see, hammock that you want to try.

2.-Eat a lobster pizza. It is one of the gastronomic specialties of Holbox. They say that the best is eaten where it was invented, at Edelyn's Pizzeria. A large pizza costs around 500 pesos (about € 23) and is eaten quietly between two people.

3.-Holbox is famous for its sunsets, so try not to miss the daily appointment with the sunset.

4.-After enjoying the epic sunsets of the island, take a walk around the center: around the square there are street vendors and the atmosphere is guaranteed.

5.-Take a Street Art route: all you have to do is walk the dusty streets of the island and look at the buildings, since many of them were used as real canvases.

6.-Take a selfie with the sign "Holbox", it is located on the main beach, next to the pier. It is a good memory of your stay on the island.

7.-Another of the great attractions of this Mexican island is that in its surroundings, between May and September, you can see whale sharks, the largest fish in the world (between June and August seeing them is practically guaranteed).

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